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I'm Still Here

Freelance: Title Sequence
Duration: 1mion 50sec
Language: English (soundtrack)

'I'm Still Here' is a short film created by a MA student 'Kris Smith' from Norwich University College of the Arts, which shows the journey of a patient going through cancer.


I was approached to create a short title sequence for the film due to my skills in 3D/2D animation. The soundtrack was provided to me and I was aloud a large amount of freedom within the artistic look to the sequence with the exception of where the titles were to go and the length of the peice. 


I began this project in a 2 man team but was eventually working solo, my partner had to be called away to another project. I was in constant communication with the Director 'Kris Smith' throughout this project to make sure it came out the way he desired.


I used a variety of programmes to create this sequence such as Maya2012, After Effects and Photoshop. 


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