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Freelance Projects- Jon Dunleavy

2 Projects, working within Maya2012 & 2008
Duration: 1min 02sec
Language: English (Subtitle)
Music: ToZuProductions

/Poh Lesh the Turd: Road to the Poolympics

For this short animation I was approached by the director Jon Dunleavy, with his main character, because he needed someone to help him with rigging the different blendshaped mouth parts. He then asked me to model and rig the flies that are also in the animation.


I used Maya2012 to create the riggs and models. Which was then animated by another person.


Link to full film:

/Obsolescence in Love

Another animated short by Jon Dunleavy, I was again approached because of my skills in rigging characters and modelling in Auotdesk Maya. I was asked to work for 2-3weeks at Tandem Ltd in London, where I was given the responsibilty of creating a new rig for the main character of the film.


The problem with the old rig was it could not bend at the spine in a curve to make the character look behind him, which was needed for a certain section of the animation. I created a new spinal rig which used a IK Spline handle which helped with the movement of the character alot more.


I also had the oppurtunity to animate the section of film where my new rig was going to be used.  Other jobs included modelling the heartshaped mobile phone junk heap at the end of the animation. I was working off a dated version of Maya08 and had to adapt my skills accordingly, but i managed to create the final desired look.


Link to full film: (unavailable)

Sample images of 'Poh Lesh the Turd' and ' Obsolescence in Love'.

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