Freelance: Animation Short

Duration: 30sec

Language: English

A short animation created for a competition for www.sofa.com with the theme 'Happiness'.


Brief: create a short animation or film based on the theme of HAPPINESS and aimed at the happiest people of all, kids – just 15-30 seconds long and be as creative as you like.


It took 6 weeks to compelete with a deadline set for the end of March 2014.


The animation was created using Maya2012, After effects, Audacity and Photoshop. The sounds were downloaded from a royality free website: freeSFX.co.uk.


This was a self made project, I designed, storyboarded,  modelled, rigged, painted, and animated the whole animation.


This video shows the 2D and 3D animatic created for Mischief.