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Myraid Global Media

Internship/freelance 3D Animator and After Effects Compositor

Whilst on my 1 month Internship/Freelance for Myriad Global Media, I was incharged with helping to finish off and create from scratch animations for vairies Oil rigging projects for clients.  


I had to have a good overall knowledge of Maya and After Effects and good organizational skills when working with folders and as part of team.


Project 1: Cairn Ice Management


Main role was to oganize and re-render specific scenes from Maya and the compositing within After Effects. My good organizational skills helped bring the project together in one folder for the rest of the team to find easily.


Project 2: Qatar Pipeline resevoir scene


Main role was to re-create a specifc scene within Maya to replace an existing scene. My knowledge of Maya and Photoshop helped speed the progress of this project.


Project 3: Pipe line Cross Section animation


Main Aniamtor for the pipe line cross section aniamtion scene. Created using Maya and references of the pipe, also working closely with my team member to get the right look and camera movment for the scene. 




Duration: 4mins 11sec

Language: English


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